Wifi Module for Cars Launched by BSNL in Rs. 5000-6000

BSNL’s Indore division has come up with a Wi-Fi module for cars that allows people to access the Wi-Fi internet while they are travelling. The module, costing around Rs. 5,000-6,000, was first set up on the car of BSNL Indore unit’s General Manager G C Pandey.

According to Mr. Pandey, this is perhaps the first model in the country where a car is equipped with an antenna that receives Wi-Fi signals with a 3.5Mbps speed, via CDMA exchange technology.

The BSNL official believes the Wi-Fi model could see serious adoption by consumers once the technology’s benefits gain popularity.

BSNL’s Wi-Fi module may be the first in the country, but a lot of car companies abroad such as Ford, GM and BMW are offering in-car hotspots. That being said, BSNL’s Wi-Fi module is affordable and it could really attract a large number of customers if integrated with budget to mid-range cars in the country.

Incidentally, Indian Railways recently launched Wi-Fi services on the trains. The service allows passengers to access free Internet via Wi-Fi with a simple login process. Read more about the free Wi-Fi service on the Indian trains here.

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