The best creative apps and accessories for iPad and iPhone

Best creative apps for iPad

TAB28.SD_feat_1.5_PshopTouch01-main-470-75The iPad is the quintessential blank canvas, allowing you to create digital masterpieces from simple sketches to watercolour wonders.

From its inception, the iPad has been embraced as a way for digital painters and artists to create stunning images with little more than their fingertips and a spark of imagination.

As new features (such as …

Google Glass: Is it dangerous?


News about Google Glass is everywhere these days, and so are its critics. Some charge it only with fashion crimes. Others worry about invasion of privacy: When out on a date with a Glass wearer, you won’t know if they are recording you – or Googling “seduction tips,” for that matter.
Nonetheless, most agree that a smartphone-linked display and camera …

Google Glass facial-recognition service likely to stoke privacy fears


Google’s Glass wearable could soon be able to recognize faces of those around the wearer, thanks to a dedicated service for human and object recognition that could be built into third-party apps. The handiwork of Lambda Labs, the special Glass facial recognition API will integrate into software and services using Google’s Mirror API for Glass, crunching shots from the camera …

Google and Microsoft to co-develop YouTube app for Windows Phone


Microsoft and Google have put aside their differences and agreed to work together to finally give Windows Phone users an official YouTube app.

Microsoft had incurred Google’s wrath by launching its own YouTube app which did not serve advertisements, leading the search giant to demand its removal.

Microsoft responded by saying it would be happy to work with Google, but …

Multiple Subdomains on Home Server

Subdomains are a great way to split up different kinds of content – like your default homepage, your blog, and your music collection. To set it up, you have to edit httpd.conf (the Apache configuration file.)

What you need to do is set up the different hosts (they’re called “Virtual Hosts”) and tell Apache which directories match. For example, if …

Host a Website from Home Server

A web server is software that continuously runs on a computer and allows other computers to download documents from it. This text that you’re reading right travelled over a network connection from Lifehacker’s hosting web server to your browser. Web servers are usually loud, scary, headless machines in cold windowless rooms, but you can run one under your desk at …

Increase the Functionality with Free Underscore.js Library Functions

Not just another library

A coworker raised his hand (the stop sign) when I brought up Underscore.js. Basically, he told me he has enough JavaScript libraries to do everything he needs. While this is technically true, the beauty of Underscore.js is the streamlining of tasks. It provides a lot of the functional programming support found in a language such as …

Setting up IIS and FTP Server on Windows Server 2008

Open Server Manager, go to Roles and click “Add Roles”

In the Add Role Wizard, select Web Server (IIS) role to install

Click Next until you reach Select Role Services page, leave the default and check FTP Server, FTP Service and FTP Extensibility at the bottom. Click Next, follow the wizard and finish the role installation.

Now open IIS Manager …

Comparison Between Dedicated / VPS / Shared and Cloud Based Hosting

Web hosting server is nothing but a computer (or more precisely a hard drive) connected to the internet where you store all your website’s details. You can use your own computer as a web host server, however you have to make sure of the following – You have ample space for storing all the data, your computer is connected via …